Flavor profile for fusel oil pyrazines

Introduction: The aim of the research was to identify the flavor profile and the sensory performance in food matrix applications of new natural flavors extracted from food industry residue (fusel oils). The pyrazine samples were obtained through innovative eco-friendly technology (supported liquid membrane – SML) with one or more organic solvents.


Materials and methods: The method used to identify the flavor profile of pyrazines was according to ISO 6564 (Sensory analysis – Methodology-Flavor profile methods).

A panel of 4 experts trained according with ISO 8586 in 2 stages (several training sessions) using reference substances evaluated the intensity of flavor using a spider diagram, which was based on 8 sensory descriptors(coffee, cocoa, chocolate, nutty, sweet, vegetable, potato, roasted meat).

In the first stage they were trained on food flavors with monodimensional profile (cocoa, chocolate, coffee and nutty) to familiarize themselves with this kind of flavors. In the second stage the training was made using 3 types of mixture with commercial pyrazines with multidimensional profile.

The food matrix (filling cream) was selected and prepared in a such way to be neutral in terms of smell and taste and blended with the pyrazines samples.

Seven samples of pyrazines and the food matrix were analyzed by conducting a survey with this type of diagram.


Results: For these samples we had identified two levels of the profile (the main level – with the highest intensity of the descriptors and the second one-with low intensity of the descriptors). Four samples with a flavor profile above the average intensity of the descriptors, ≥3 was selected to be mixed with the food matrix.


Conclusions: The new natural flavors (from a mixture of pyrazines) obtained through SML technology had developed a sensory profile characterized by two descriptors (cocoa and chocolate).

These new natural flavors contributed at the improvement of food products sensory performance.

Catalin Bilbie1*, Andra Ghizdareanu1, 2*, Cristian Fieru1, 2,

1Expergo Business Network SRL, Radu Calomfirescu 6, 3rdDistrict Bucharest, Romania

  1. Politehnica University of Bucharest, 6th District Bucharest, Romania